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Toronto Airport Taxi Rates, Airport Taxi Rates
Toronto Airport Taxi Rates 
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A fast-quick data, info & important FAQ's in booking cabs, limos or taxis with YYZ authorized official tariff fares. This website page distinctly is created specifically for travelers, people arriving departing at Toronto airport providing unique first-hand insight into arranged limo/taxi or cabs pick ups, For confirmed travel with acclaimed & professionally managed fleet.
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Pearson Airport Rates:

Book ONLY with official Limousines Taxi Fares - Rates 

Most Pre.Arranged Taxis and Limousine transport companies follow Toronto Airport provided rate sheet.
Toronto Airport Taxi and Limousine rates services are designed for anywhere in the urban City, Suburbs or small towns as per laid out rates and charges: 
Always - Pre-Book Your Toronto Airport Taxis or Pearson Airport Limousines with confidence.
Click on the Maps below for detailed tariff viewing.

Taxi  Tariff  – East of the Airport 
Taxi  Tariff  – West of the Airport 
Taxi  Tariff  – Out-of-Town 
Limo Tariff – East of the Airport 
Limo Tariff – West of the Airport 
Limo Tariff – Out-of-Town 
SUV    Tariff   – Out - of- Town  (coming soon)



  • 4 person black sedan limousine or TownCar Limo in Toronto, (Return): $149.00 (Mississauga to Toronto, Markham to Toronto,       Richmond Hill to Toronto, Scarborough to Toronto)
  • 7 person Limo SUV Toronto area, (Return): $190.00
  • 10 person stretch limousine within GTA, (Return): $299.00
  • 14 person SUV stretch limo in Toronto region, (Return): $349.00

     *Gratuity & Applicable Taxes are not included​
​  ------------------------------------------------------

Booking Ahead Of Time before Arrival: 
For Pre Arranged Toronto Airport Taxi or Toronto Airport Limo advance booking is the only process required for passengers Arriving with arranged chauffeured transportation and so leaving the airport, For people Not interested in Advance-Booking, regular Taxis and limos are available at each terminal. 

Pre.Arranged Airport transportation: 
To pre-arrange a taxi, Limo, SUV or Van service for your Pick Up or Arrival at Toronto Pearson Airport, You will need to follow Arrival Procedures for Terminal 1 or terminal 3.
Once you have Booked your airport taxis or limousines, Upon landing please go to designated Pre-Arranged Taxis and Limousines Doors and Posts 

Pre.Arranged Posts: 
All Pre-Arranged Taxis and Limousine companies request pre-booked passengers to Call Their Toll Free Phone numbersUpon arrival at the airport, After exiting customs and immigration security Doors, Passengers are requested to proceed to the designated Exit points / Doors and Notify the Pearson Airports Pre-arranged Dispatcher / Commissionaires by providing their and Pre-Arranged limousine company name.
Terminal 1: Door B (3) BOOTH B (Pre-Arrange sign is displayed on the pillar)
Terminal 3: Post 29 BOOTH 29 (Pre-Arranged sign is displayed on the Pillar)

Pre.Arranged Vehicle Fee:
Toronto Pearson Airport has implemented Pre-Arranged Vehicle Pick up service Fees for the 
following Vehicles and types: 
Pre-Arranged Vehicle Service Fees

Type of Transport, Fees, No of passengers and Luggage capacity:

Sedan| $15.00 CDN             (4 Pax with 3 pieces of  Luggage)
Mini Van| $15.00 CDN     (5 pax with 4 pieces of  Luggage)
SUV | $15.00 CDN             (7 pax with 7 Pieces of  Luggage)
Stretch Limousine| $27.00 CDN (10 Pax with 4 pieces)
Sprinter Van  |  $27.00 CDN             (12 + Pieces of Luggage)
Mini Bus (13-25 Seats) $49.00 CDN
Bus (+26 Seats) $93.00 CDN

Pre.Arranged Bus Charter
Pick Up procedure: 
Toronto Airport Transportation Pick up Bus procedure: 
Passengers who have pre-Arranged Chartered Bus may proceed to Arrivals level and meet with 
commissionaire and provide him with Bus company's Name and Charter No
Your Pre-Arranged BUS will be paged and passengers will be informed directed to the pick area. 
You Will b Directed to the Pick Up Area by the Commissionaire for both Terminal 1 and Terminal 3

Name Sign Meet & Assist Escort Service 

The person who will be doing the meet and greet will be doing the following:
- Holding a sign with the names of the four passengers
- Greet each passenger and escort them to the designated door to wait until all passengers have arrived
- Once all passengers have arrived he will have the Limo / SUV / Van  paged
- He will then escort them to the Sedan limo / SUV Limo / VAN ZX

       Airport Chauffeured taxis, limos, SUV or Vans 

Toronto Airport Taxi Rates: 

If you’re looking for detailed Toronto Airport Taxis and Limousine rates, Tariffs, Fares, Charges, Benefits and Pre-Arranging Taxis or Limousines to and from Pearson Airport then you've come to the right source. At Toronto Airport Taxi Rates you can extract all the details you'll need to know about Toronto Airport limo-Taxis designed pick up drop off posts doors, expected limo services, Transfers, airport facilities & what to expect with no-worry guaranteed reliable offered services. Expect best with our seasoned trained Booking service for your To or From Toronto Airport taxis and limos reservations.


Terminal-1 Domestic  
Limos or Taxis  
Post B /Area B / Booth B (ONLY)

Terminal-1 International 
Limos or Taxis 
Post B - Area B - Booth B (ONLY)

Terminal-3 Domestic 
Limos or Taxis
Gate 29 - Booth 29 (ONLY)

"Frequently asked Questions" 
Passengers should always know:

  • Never hire Limo Taxi Drivers or persons you   find inside the Airport Terminals soliciting   asking passengers to follow them in the   Parking facility.  
  • Pearson Airport Authority says this is due to  safety, security of illegal uninsured,  unlicensed with no commercial insurance vehicles Scoopers who tend to snatch fares  from legit Licensed Prearrange Taxi Limo drivers.
  • Always Pre-Arrange your Taxis, Limousines or SUV limo at Toronto Pearson Airport. Your advance Booking will help you plan, Organize your trip with No surprises leaving you more prepared at Airport arrivals.
  • No more Waiting times, Long Line Ups, No  dirty Taxis , No unknown drivers picking you up.  Your Time is Precious and Toronto Airport Taxi rates completely understands it.
  • No need to head for lost n Found anymore. If you Forget your precious belongings in our Pre-Arranged taxis & Limos, You Can locate, find or get them back with one phone call. 
  • Pre-Arranged system of Airport taxis or Airport limos are authorized by Pearson Airport, booking your taxis limousines SUV or Vans ahead of Time is YYZ Pearson system.
  • Remember, Your already arranged Limo/Taxi/SUV/Van vehicle will arrive at the Post ONLY when YOU request the uniformed commissionaires at the designated Posts / Booths to page for your 
  • Go only to the assigned Doors/Posts to get picked up.
  • Always wait for your driver to announce your name   
  • Always Walk to the designated-Prearrange Doors & Asking to be Paged for  "Toronto Airports Limousine" Booked under    your name                                                                                   ...TORONTO AIRPORT TAXI RATES....
Tariffs Taxi/Limo:
Pre-Arranging PreBooking Toronto Airport Taxis or Toronto Airport Limos can be done when ordering your Taxis / Limos/ SUVs from any Toronto Airport Taxi or Toronto Airport Limo Websites. 

Mostly, Pre-Arranged Taxis or Limos at Pearson are licensed, usually from surrounding GTA cities like Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Vaughan, Markham, Hamilton, Richmond Hills, Whitby or Oshawa or Main Greater Toronto Area Cities. 

Pre-Arranged Limos & Taxi Cab vehicles do meet safety requirements, so Traveling Arriving passengers are offered Designated Toronto Airport Taxi Rates guarantying standard Pearson Airport policy and rules 

As per Toronto Pearson Airport, Rates are predetermined based on distance to destination and time consumed and rise in fuel charges. 

Please consult Out-of-Town Rate sheets ABOVE for destinations located out of the GTA, 

Areas which are NOT listed on the Toronto Airport taxi Out of Town tariff rate sheet map or Toronto Airport Limo rate sheet map could be calculated as $1.55 per km or $1.65 per km. 

As per TorontoPearson.com Passengers Can always ask the Taxi limo drivers for actual rate before departing Toronto Airport.  

Busy Period: 
Pearson Airport GTAA  has authorized external Taxi , Limo outside companies from Toronto, etc. to pick up from Toronto Pearson Airport during busy time specially during peak period in unusual extreme cold & bad weather or worst Toronto traffic rush hours. Independent Toronto Limos, Toronto Taxis with allotted transponders are authorized by Airport authority to pick up passengers from the curb when airport gets busy. 

Fuel Surcharge:
As per Toronto Airport
Due to drastic rise in fuel prices airport authority introduced fuel Surcharge allowing Toronto Airport Taxis and limousines brokers, drivers, owners who are to charge a fuel Sur-charge as per the provided chart below.


If Fuel price per litre increases to: $ 0.91 - $ 1.19 ($1.00)
If Fuel price per litre increases to: $ 1.20 - $ 1.39 ($2.00)
If Fuel price per litre increases to: $ 1.40 - $1.59 ($3.00)
If Fuel price per litre increases to: $ 1.60 - $ 1.79 ($4.00)​

Service Animal Travel
(Trained Service Dogs or animals)
Passengers arriving or departing at Toronto Pearson airport with SERVICE ANIMALS are to be provided limo taxis transportation and cannot be refused by Limousines, Taxis Shuttles Van or Airport Taxi , Airport Limo or GTAA airport taxi cab services by Law. 

No Wait In Line Ups  

"Never wait in Line Ups Ever Again"
"Always Get a designated Limo waiting for you" 
"We will monitor your Flight so No extra charge if its delayed"
"No hidden charges, like the gas charge or admin fee"
"A Town Car Sedan limo for the price of Taxi"

* For more Info or please consult Toronto Airport Authority for further 
   information ​                                       .....TORONTO AIRPORT TAXI RATES....
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Special Instructions: 
 Wake Up Call, Any Required Infant Toddler Car Seat, 
 Meet  & Greet...Etc.
Always Pre-Arrange Your Trips 

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